Wednesday Evening 10 Week Course

This course take place over ten weeks. Before the course begins we will talk to you about your goals and objectives, as well as discussing any medical needs or concerns.


We will individualise your experience so that you achieve exactly what you want to on the course, and at the same time ensure you have fun in a relaxed and informal setting.


We generally split the group into a run/walk section, a middle group and a faster/more experienced group, and by the end of ten weeks we will be taking you out on a running route and watch you running with confidence. The focus for the middle and faster groups is to improve running technique and your 5km time, and every group will get to experience interval training, hill work and exercises to improve your running strength, technique and speed.


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  • Wednesdays

  • 7:30 PM

  • 0-5k

  • Unisex

  • All Levels