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About Us

Who are the Muddy Runners?

We are a group of mud-loving, trail running, off-road runners, with our primary focus being to provide encouragement, support and company to runners from absolute beginners to more experienced trail runners.

Whether you are contemplating your first outing in running shoes, or a seasoned marathoner, we can help you with training, motivation and company.

Why Run Off-Road?

The Muddy Runners began as an off-road running group initially training for the Tough Mudder.  As such we chose to train on challenging multi-terrain routes in as much mud as we could find!

However, we soon realised that trail running offered many more benefits than just mud – we were able to explore new footpaths and bridleways around the area, enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife on the way.  We found the softer ground easier on our joints, but conversely the uneven terrain meant our core strength improved as our bodies battled to maintain balance.

The quietness and privacy of running off-road meant we felt less self-conscious and found the experience less intimidating.  Of course we do run on road when we need to – in the winter months, when running solo and in order to increase speed, after all, variety is the spice of life!

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