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Thank you for your interest in joining the Muddy Runners!


We cater for runners of all abilities, with our coached ten week courses, and our social running groups for those who can run with confidence.


We currently have four club runs per week, a slow short one on a Monday, a speed session on a Tuesday evening, a social run on a Thursday and a longer run (8 miles) on a Sunday morning, these runs are led by our four qualified coaches and run leaders.  


The club runs are not 'coached' sessions, however we run coached courses over ten week on a Wednesday evening and a running fitness group on a Thursday morning.  If you are interested in improving your technique, speed or distance then please have a look at the course descriptions on our course page. The courses are aimed at everyone from complete beginners to those who can comfortably run 10k and cost £40 for ten weeks (or £36 for club members).




To take part in our social runs you will need to become a club member.  Membership costs £30 for the year.  Membership runs from April to March each year. You will need to pay the full membership fee initially but if you are joining part-way through the year you will be eligible for a reduced rate on renewal in the following March.


The venues for each social run are announced on our private Facebook group, to which only members have access. As a club member you will hear about local running events and we often enter large teams into events such as Tough Mudder, 24 hour endurance races and other fun and friendly events! The Facebook group gives you access to a large local support network of keen runners, and you will find there is always someone to train with, whatever the distance or speed. We pride ourselves on our friendly, non-competitive ethos, with our only aim being to provide encouragement, company and motivation.



The option to become a member is shown as a ‘run’ - simply click on the run and follows the instructions.


Important: Once you have paid your membership fee you will then need to email the address below with your Email address, you will then need to ask to join the Facebook group (where all the runs are posted) and also the Strava group where you will be granted access by the admin team.


 We look forward to running with you very soon

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