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Merry Christmas

Tomorrow morning we all awake to see if Santa has delivered our most desired gift, a pair of trail shoes.

2019 has been a wonderful year for the Muddy Runners.

Our races have gone from strength to strength. With your support as runners and volunteers we have helped raise thousands of pounds for the PTA's of Amport, Abbotts Ann, Twyford and Winterslow schools. As we head into 2020, plans are underway to bring you some new great events alongside a number of our now established runs, we hope to see a lot of friendly faces throughout the year.

Our members have achieved some amazing feats, lots of new runners moving through our 10week course to achieve their first 5k. Last year's beginners moving on to run their first 10km races, and runners with PBs and first-time attempts at half, full and ultra marathon distances.

We hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

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