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104 Miles 23hrs 34mins

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Over recent years the Muddy Runners have turned out in numbers for Endure 24 @ Reading, with Solo runners and multiple teams putting themselves through 24hrs of running madness on the 5mile trail course....It truly is a festival of running.

Alas, in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic the Endure team were forced to cancel the event, an event our club member Craig was due to run solo for the 2nd time having completed 100 miles in 2018. With the creation of the Virtual Endure24, we all knew Craig would take part, and especially so when announced that runners would be raising funds for the NHS.

Roll forward to 13th June 2020 - outside his house in Andover, his wife Karen setup with his aid station on the door step, is ready to announce the start of his 24 hrs. Throughout his run volunteers from the Muddy Runners membership are listed to run with Craig on each lap, with social distancing a must, the pacers will be company for Craig on each of his 20+ laps from 2 meters away.

The hours rolled by, the miles fell and as day turned to night and back to day again Craig just kept going, our Muddys doing a fabulous job lifting spirits when needed & helping to keep Craig to a consistent pace through to the end. An end that was 104 miles in an outstanding 23hrs 34mins. From all of us that were honoured to witness your run Craig, we offer you a massive congratulations, your efforts are an inspiration to us all.

At the time of writing the fundraising has surpassed £18k for NHS charities -

Support Runner Roll of Honour

A special Muddy Runners thank you to Mark O'Meara of Andover Trail Runners for coming along to join a lap & to Jade Newsum who covered many laps on her bike.

Course Lap

5 mile running lap through Andover
Craig's 5 Mile Loop

Thanks also go to those who recorded the memories in the pictures here. Tony Spears, Rew Dinkele, Karen Kennedy, Steve Stroud, Fraser Hornby, Emma Potter, Matt Thomas

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